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Smartphone adoption increases by 20% in Australia in 2012

We have recently been scouring the internet to find the latest facts and figures for our customers about smartphone adoption in Australia.

Our results reveal that smartphone adoption has increased by almost 20% from September 2011 to May 2012 (figures from Google 2012 compared to SMH 2011).

A staggering 52% of Australians are now using a smartphone (iPhone, HTC, Samsung) since this time last year May 2011 when there was only 35%. By now we predict that total increase is 20% or more.

A small breakdown of the stats show the following results

  • 58% of Australian users access the internet daily on their smartphone device and most never leave home without their smartphones
  • 86% look for local information on their phone and 88% take action as a result, such as contacting a business or making a purchase (online and offline)
  • 48% look for location information at least once a week and 18% of users look daily for this type of information
  • 94% of consumers use their smartphone to research products and services before they make a purchase
  • 63% of users have performed a search on their smartphone after seeing an offline ad

Summarised Smartphone usage breakdown

  • 98% of smartphone users, use their phone at home
  • 85%  use their phone on the go, while out and about
  • 73% use their smart device at their place of work
  • 68% use it at the shop whilst shopping
  • 63% use it at a cafe on their own or with friends

How are these Smartphone stats linked with QR Codes?

As more and more consumers begin to adopt smartphones it will become a common function to use the phone’s camera function to interact with QR Codes. Users already use their smartphone’s camera function to take pictures and videos, use facetime and video chat to communication.

Now Australian’s are using  their smartphones to engage and interact with our marketing material. They scan QR Codes on brochures, billboards, magazines and promotional items. It will become expected that the way we engage our consumers is via these modern tools. Which is why it is essential to have a QR Code as part of your  traditional marketing campaign and engage your potential customers.

If you would like to know more information about QR Code Tracking & Analytics simple contact us today on 0401-222-221. Our experts will help you plan your next marketing campaign with QR Codes in mind.

Statistics sourced from Google’s “Our Mobile Planet – Australia: Understanding the Mobile Consumer“