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QR Codes

The future of marketing

What are QR Codes and how can they help your business? Quick Response codes (QR Codes) are shaping the future of marketing! Adopt a QR Code strategy for your Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane business and reach the whole of Australia!

Learn how a QR Code in your next ad campaign can reach new social audiences by reading below.

Why QR Codes are so important

The QR Code Difference

In today’s market more and more consumers are reaching for their mobile phone to search for information. This includes day to day interaction with businesses via QR Codes. 

Marketing using QR Codes is no longer a phenomenon, it is a reality for most businesses.

Benefits of QR Codes

  • Link traditional marketing to digital media
  • Engage tech savy consumers and access new markets
  • Deliver targeted information cost effectively
  • Track and measure the effectiveness of traditional marketing

Reach A Wider Audience

With the internet being accessible on any smart device, it’s time to go online with your marketing.

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QR Code Basics

Data storage
If you are just getting to know QR Codes you can think of them as regular barcodes. The key difference is the amount of data they are able to store and what they can do with that data.
Traditional barcodes vs QR Codes
A traditional barcode only holds up to 20 numeric digits along with most other one-dimensional codes. The QR Code, which is a two-dimensional (2D) data matrix, can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of data. This along with its applications holds the key to its success in modern marketing.
Instantaneous link
QR Codes provide an instant link between traditional marketing avenues such as print advertising, to digital mediums such as your website.