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QR Code Marketing Strategy

The future of marketing

Getting the right QR Code marketing strategy for your business in Australia is crucial. We have worked with a number of local & national brands to develop their unique QR Code Strategy.

Creative uses of QR Code Marketing in Australia

There are a number of practical uses for QR Codes. QR Codes are a cost effective and targeted means to reach your business’s intended audience. Below is a list of a number of simple QR Code marketing strategies and QR Code solutions to drive more traffic to your business.

Promotions, branding, advertising

  • Connect consumers to your website or virtual store
  • Advertise and link customers to special promotions (vouchers, coupons and sales)
  • Enhance product tags and packaging
  • Create an op-in campaign using SMS QR Codes
  • Shop front branding

Social media marketing

  • Link to social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Connect to YouTube videos (for example product instructions or music streaming)
  • Competition registration forms on Social Media

Connect digitally

  • Digitalise your business card (meCard, vCard)
  • Create a calendar event in the users smart device
  • Link to Apple and Android App store

Once you have defined your QR Code marketing strategy, consider QR Code customisation to match your brand design!

Marketing with QR Codes

QR Codes for Retail
Get more buyers but linking QR Codes to your advertising material. Connect to promotional landing pages & social media networks to promote your sales events today.

QR Codes are great for shop window displays, point of sale advertising material and billboards.
QR Codes for Exhibitions & Events
Hosting an art exhibition, tradeshow or event? Then you need a QR Code to help potential visitors reach your registration page.

Place QR Codes next to your artwork, exhibits or other works to allow visitors to view additional details about the exhibit.
QR Codes for Real Estate
Help passerby viewers and potential property buyers engage with residential and commercial advertising boards and for sale signs.

Use URL QR Codes to connect to property sale landing pages and meCard or vCard QR Codes to connect with real-estate agents.
QR Codes for Hospitality
Place QR Codes on to your cafe or restaurant menu and enable customers to bookmark your menu online.

Add QR Codes to your window displays to enable customer to easily download a menu when passing by or engage via social media.
QR Codes for Branding
Use QR Codes as part of your corporate branding and product packaging to connect with your customers.

QR Codes on business cards, letterheads and other paraphernalia can help your customers get in touch quickly and easily.

Placing QR Codes on to your products packaging can help customers find out more abut other products your brand offers.