QR Media is a Melbourne based business specialising in QR Codes & Online Marketing.  With over 10 year’s experience we can help introduce your business to the world of online marketing via QR Codes! Our online QR Code tracking platform has helped businesses in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane increase their marketing performance.

Using our QR Code Creation, Tracking and Management software you can easily create, track and manage the success of your QR Code marketing campaigns. Increase the reach of your marketing efforts by incorporating a QR Code in your regular advertising or product packaging.

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How can QR Media help your business?

As an online marketing and digital services agency QR Media has a complete suite of products for your business needs:

To find out more about our online services and how we can help you get the most out of your digital solution speak to us today by calling 1300 776 334 (1300QRMEDIA).

The QR Code difference

QR Media - QR Codes in Australia QR Codes can do much more than traditional marketing:

  • Engage potential customers instantly
  • Direct more traffic to your website
  • Digitalise your business card
  • Connect to your Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Send customers to your organisation via map apps
  • Access detailed analytics on customer engagement
  • Track the success of your marketing instantly!

QR Code Creation, Tracking & Analytics

QR Media provides the complete QR Code creation, tracking & management solution. Our management software “The QR Media Tracker” can assist you to create, manage and monitor your QR Code campaigns. View the number of unique users who have scanned your QR Code, find out where in the world they where, time of day and device used to scan the QR Code.

All results are live and delivered instantly to your QR Media Tracker dashboard!

QR Media Tracker

  • Create Dynamic / Editable QR Codes
  • Produce raster and vector QR Codes (JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF)
  • Manage your QR Code campaigns
  • Access advanced reporting and analytics
  • Run multiple campaigns
  • Enable sub-user accounts
  • Easy to use online interface
  • Mobile friendly dashboard for your smart device
QR Code Creation, Marketing and Tracking Australia

Custom QR Codes

Stand out from the crowd with a custom QR Code incorporating your corporate logo and colours.

We can customise your QR Code in a snap, click here to create your own unique QR Code online today!

 Custom QR Codes
Choose from a range of custom QR Code features:

  • Insert your logo
  • Select your colour
  • Add custom characters and images
  • Custom focal points (Corners)
  • Custom body modules
  • Select from a huge range of QR Code designs and styles