Introducing the QR Media Tracker

The QR Media Tracker is an online QR Code Creation, Tracking and Management software suite which enables you to create, manage and track your QR Code marketing campaigns. Our innovative solution is not only user friendly but also provides comprehensive reporting and QR Code tracking & analytics.

How QR Code Tracking works

Once you have registered for the QR Media Tracker you simply log in, generate your first QR Code campaign (URL, meCard, Geo Map, Phone, SMS, Email, Calendar), download the digital code, print and your QR Code tracking is ready to go!

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Generate your unique QR Code (choose colour & insert logo)
  2. Publish your code
  3. Track and manage results via live online reports

The QR Media Tracker system enables you to download each code as many times as required. You are also able to edit the destination of your URL QR Code at anytime without having to generate a new QR Code, saving you time and money.

The user friendly dashboard provides live reporting enabling you to manage and monitor the performance of your campaigns easily, including access to comprehensive reporting and analytics. Never before has it been so easy to measure the success of your traditional marketing efforts!

Features & Benefits

Generate All types of QR Codes

  • URL QR Code
  • meCard & vCard
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Phone
  • Geo Mapping
  • Calendar Event
  • WiFi

Change the destination of the QR Code’s URL at anytime. Set an auto expiry for each of your QR Code Campaigns. Control redirection of your QR Codes after a specific period.

QR Code Tracking - meCard
QR Code Tracking & Segmentation

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

  • Track & Measure QR Code Performance (URL QR Codes)
  • Compare campaigns to determine which marketing avenues are performing better
  • Access to a broad range of statistics including
    • Geo Location Mapping
    • Date & Time Statistics
    • User Device Demographics
  • Corporate Plans allowing Bulk Code Generation
  • Create multiple sub-user accounts for ease of management
  • Group your QR Codes to easily identify and retrieve QR Codes
  • URL QR Codes are available in various formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, PDF)


Real-Time QR Code Scan Results

Track QR Code scan results down to the hour. Choose a custom date range to view performance of your QR Code or compare results between campaigns!

By understanding consumer behaviour and engagement patterns you can tailor your marketing to appeal to different audiences during different day and time slots.


QR Code Tracking Scan Statistics
QR Code Scans Analytics by Device

Device Contribution

Get to know the types of smart devices (iPhone, Android, HTC, Nokia, Black Berry etc…) that are being used to engage your QR Code campaigns.

Use this information to better structure your mobile web pages and increase user experience whilst navigating your website!

Media Used & Performance

Analyse performance based on media type (Billboard, Brochure, A-Frame Board, Site Signage, Poster, etc…) to determine which media is performing better.

Use this information to drive down expenses by identifying low performing media and re-invest into higher performing media avenues.

Media used for QR Code Tracking
Geographic QR Code Penetration

Geographic Visits Analytics

Using the QR Media Tracker system you will also see the geographic / maps location of each QR Code scanned by users. The user must have their location services switched on, on their smart device.

Use this feature to understand how far your marketing material has traveled and learn where awareness building is occurring.


Packages & Pricing

Getting started is easy with our flexible month by month QR Code packages. Simply choose the number of codes you require and sign up. We also offer Custom QR Codes in Australia for the stand-out QR Code enthusiast.

No setup fees, cancel anytime, easy monthly online subscription! Sign up below.

Once we have received your subscription one of our friendly customer support staff will contact you. You will be provided with support and training.