Static vs Dynamic (Editable)

There are two types of QR Codes, dynamic (editable) and static QR Codes. Static QR Codes are not able to be edited after they are created and must be replaced with a brand new QR Code. For most businesses this means they must reprint their advertising material each time they wish to make a change to their QR Code destination.

The QR Media Tracker enables you to create dynamic or editable QR Codes. Essentially this means that you can edit the destination of the QR Code at any point using the QR Media Tracker. This allows you to quickly change the final web destination once the code is scanned. Editable QR Codes will save you both time and money.

meCard, vCard

Create a digital business card with a QR Code meCard or vCard using the QR Media Tracker platform. This type of code can contain all your personal/business details (full name, company name, email address, phone number, contact address, and a memo).

Geo Location Mapping

Connect your customers and prospects to your place of business by launching Google Maps on their smart phone by scanning a Geo QR Code.

Calendar event

Planning a VIP night for your business? Why not use a QR Code Calendar event to invite guests and enable them to store the date as a reminder in their phone automatically!


Create an opt-in campaign by using the QR Codes to send an SMS from the users phone directly to your SMS marketing database.


Want your customers and prospects to be able to reach you faster? Use a QR Code to instantly place a call on the users behalf once its scanned!


Much like the SMS QR Code this type of code opens up a new Email Message to a destination of your choice.


The most popular use of the QR Code is to direct the users to your website instantly!

URL type of qr codemeCard type of qr code Phone type of qr codesCalendar type of qr code