Custom QR Codes including Designer QR Codes are becoming more and more popular in Australia. Stand out from the crowd with a unique custom QR Code!

Custom QR Codes and Designer QR Codes Service

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with a custom or designer QR Code in Australia? We can customise your regular QR Code to suit your brand! Why settle for a regular black and white code, when you can incorporate a fully customized designer code using your preferred colours, logo, or image, into your advertising or product packaging!

Benefits of a Custom QR Code:

  • Stand out from your competition
  • Visually engage your customers
  • Enhance your corporate branding
  • Engage tech savvy audience

Order your custom qr code online today!

  • Easy online ordering process
  • Brand matching service (colours & logo)
  • Tested on iOS & Android devices

Custom QR Codes Options in Australia

Want to break free from the basic Black & White QR Code? We have the skills and knowledge to make that happen. With our QR Code customisation service you can access a uniquely custom QR Code for your business, brand, product or service in no time.

It’s time to stand up and stand out from the crowd! With all of our custom QR Codes we ensure that that we follow your brand and colour guides exactly. We will also help you embed your logo inside the QR Code so that consumers are aware they are about to interact with your brand.

We have the tools, techniques, skills and experience to deliver a unique QR Code to you. All of our unique QR Codes are tested for functionality and usability before they are delivered.

Custom QR Codes 6Custom QR Code 2aCustom QR Code 1bCustom QR Code 7

QR Code Customisation & Designer QR Code Packages

We have a range of packages and QR Code customisation services to suit your brand, style and budget, including basic customisation and full customisation. All designs are produced by our team of Australian experts.

We offer an exclusive online ordering system, through our sister site Simply click here to place your order online.

Ordering through our online system is quick and easy.

  • Simply input your requirements
  • Preview your code
  • Send through your request

We will process your order promptly, delivering a high quality, fully tested code to your email.

To view all Custom QR Code  and Designer QR Code options and pricing click here.